Too many patients tell me “if only I had known”

If you’re having surgery, you likely have questions about what to expect. It’s perfectly normal and expected. But if you can’t get your questions answered, fear and anxiety build up.

Unanswered questions leads to fear and anxiety.

Anxiety can lead to complications and worse pain.

Dr. Kaveh uniquely combines conventional and alternative medicine to offer patients the best possible preparation for surgery. All patients deserve a personalized approach to their surgery. It starts with preparing based on your personal history.

Dr. Kaveh combines conventional anesthesiology with integrative medicine to offer patients the best possible preparation before surgery. Ask your questions to help relieve your anxiety and fears before surgery.

You can ask Dr. Kaveh in 2 ways:

  1. Ask a general question for a FAQ blog post
  2. Request a personalized e-mail or video consultation (for a fee)

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Please note that Dr. Kaveh can provide medical consultation to residents of California and Massachusetts. He can provide health coaching services to residents of other states and regions.